Do you get SPAM from AOL?

I have put together this short page after seeing a large increase in the volume of unsolicited commercial email that I am receiving from xxx@aol.com

Most of this is for the usual get-rich-quick schemes, aimed at ripping off a large number of 'customers' with a small profit per customer adding up to a large total.

I have also noticed a small number of more legitimate adverts creeping in. Although people may be occasionally advertising a genuine product, rarely is it anything which I want to be told about in this way. Using mass email advertising techniques is as likely to drive away customers as it is to attract them.

What do we do about it?

To encourage those nice people at AOL that we don't want to receive SPAM from their customers, we need to do more than forward any SPAM to abuse@aol.net (this is the 'correct' thing to do.

I suggest that you look through any AOL site you can find and collect a few personal email addresses of folks at AOL. Forward any AOL originated SPAM to all of these as well.

If thay find that they like it, they won't mind and they'll encourage more SPAMMERS to use AOL as an ISP.

If they don't like it, thay might start implementing restrictive measures to prevent this abuse. The same goes for other ISPs, but AOL are WAY behind the rest judging from the volume of UCE that I receive from them.

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