Clive's Car Project

I used to work with Clive. Clive has decided to 'build himself a sports car for as little as £250'...

Sean's Locost Home Page gives more info, this page is just some random pictures.

The project has been on hold for about 4 years, and is now occupying space I have better uses for. SOLD!

Last Status Update:Feb 1999
The chassis is mostly complete. Scuttle and pedal box are done. Steering done. Nosecone and grill with radiator and fan fitted.

The build started in October 1997. After about 1 year, the chassis was 90% finished and we started on the detail. Progress is now slower

Pictures now included as thumbnails - click on them to see them full size.

Engine and Scuttle


Fan and Steering

Engine mount and exhaust

The exhaust uses the original manifold, with a modified down-pipe and some 2" tube, bent by making several cuts in one side and re-welding.

New steering wheel

Engine and Scuttle again


This is the chassis a couple of years ago. It doesn't weigh much at all. It doesn't seem very strong either.
This is Clive, after we decided that the plans really didn't make sense.
The seats out of the sierra are a bit too wide for this chassis - especialy once the transmission tunnel goes in.


It almost looks like a car now.

We've decided that gas welding is much easier than mig welding, but there is some concern about the strength of the welds. Brazing has been suggested, but I don't think it's strong enough for this sort of chassis construction. I don't think the SVA Tester would be impressed either.

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