Mini - the best small car ever

Project mini for sale

Original history below, and now for sale. I just haven't got time to keep 2 old cars on the road, and have replaced my mini with a Smart forfour.

Sold with tax till Nov 05, mot Nov 05. Either complete, or in parts. At the moment, it runs, but not well. In Feb 05, the gearbox gave up. Since then, it has had the gearbox replaced, and the engine bearings replaced.

Parts fitted recently

Now selling on ebay...

mail tsh

Bought September 2001 - Boris

1986 Mini advantage

Mostly as a stopgap till I fix my Turbo II, and as a daily driver, capable of carrying a roof-rack. Needs some welding to the windscreen corner and will be sporting a mini-sport stage 1 kit, and stage 3 head once I've got time...

This made the mini-list dyno meet a good idea to give a reference and check that the engine runs OK as it is.




Thanks to the minilist for organising this event.

Full details at from the owner of the minilist


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