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This is me, at the start of a kit-car building project.(quite a while ago now)

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Maison Lalubi - Bespoke interiors :

Pages in my web-site:

Blog and Forum

For organising walking and social events

angloriviera group on Myspace
Anglo info - useful for background info, difficult to use forum, positing policy prevents much of value being pposted there
Used to be called Network Riviera, OK for organising social stuff, but a very dated web interface. Also slow and not too reliable.
Mini - Dyno run on a 998 - now sold.

Locost Home Page:Some general info about the Locost kit car as a project. I have been helping Clive to build a Locost, and there are some picutes of his car on Clive's Car Page The car is now for sold.

Temporary placement in France, with the assistance of Crown Relocation

Robin Hood Seven. Another kit-car, this time a complete kit. Rob has bought a Robin Hood 'New Series Three' kit car. Here's a rather critical review of the build, with plenty of pics.

Rotary Engined CarsThe Mazda RX8 is the only current production car to use a Wankel engine, since production of the Rx7 stopped (temporarily?) at the end of 2002. I've been driving Rx7s since 1998, There are some picures of my cars here, and a few other links.

Grand Canyon 2005

Sailing Trip 2001 Photos

Robot Wars Photos

Spice Photos on fotopic

Music downloads and DRM

Places I dance

Jive Nites - Modern Jive, Fridays and Sundays. Huntingdon and St Neots
Ceroc Central - Modern Jive, but at a very very basic level.
Jive Vibe Smooth Modern Jive (WCS) in Rushden
Get In The Swing Lindy hop in Steeple Morden
Bedford Swing Dance Society
Jiveswing.com Lindy Hop in Hertfordshire
Cambridge and Bedford Lindy Experience Lindy Hop in Cambridge
http://oliviernataliaswing.free.fr/Lindy, Boogie, WCS, Balboa in Nice, Cannes and Sophia Antipolis.

Plextek: My first job's home page.

Adaptive Broadband: My 2nd's home page (quick before they go bust!)
CUCC Home Page: Cambridge University Caving Club
John's Page: Don't ask...
Peter's page
Les Smith's Page: I used to sit next to Les at work.

Liam's Page: Liam works in my office.

Anti AOL SPAM Fed up with all that new SPAM from AOL?
Interesting experiences with the commercial world. What can I do when Vodafone mess me about? Answer - put them on my web page.
Also includes some paid links if you fancy earniung me some money! My bit on Road Safety
The Campaign for Real Ale Are you fed up with short measures, big brewing compaines telling us that 'John Smith's Extra Smooth' is the thing to drink and the wholesale destruction or pubs with character? The join CAMRA...
Garden DesignMy parents run a small garden design company.
Web HostingIf you know me and need a small seb site hosted, I have the resources to host several.

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